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So you're ready to move?

All you need to do to receive your free estimate today is to call in to our office at 330-559-0360. Before you call in, it's worth it to prepare a concise list of items or unusual circumstances to our estimator. Steel Valley Moving does free on-site estimates on more complicated or larger moves, but oftentimes a clear list of items over the phone is sufficient to create an accurate estimate. Before you call, be sure to gather all the necessary information. We charge at an hourly rate based on the size of the crew determined appropriate, billing in 15 minute increments from the time the crew leaves the office until the time they return to the office. By giving us accurate information regarding your move we can give you an accurate estimate. Nobody likes surprises on move day! 

A complete room by room list of furniture, boxes, & items. To determine the crew size, hourly rate, truck size, and necessities of your move we need a clear picture of everything that's going. Go room by room and write down everything you want to be moved to your new location.

Make sure your personal goods are boxed with closed lids. Loading a few open top boxes into a car is reasonable, but when loading a full truck to the gills boxes must be closed in order to stack items. The integrity of the box is also compromised if it's not completely closed. This allows our loaders to work more efficiently and properly protects your household goods and keepsakes.

Note any potentially time consuming aspects of the layout of your home or office. Is your home a ranch or 2-story? Does it have an attic, basement, or storage area that is difficult to access? Is the walkway to the front door short or is it exceptionally long? If you have any particular concerns requesting an on-site estimate may be helpful. 

Our objective when completing estimates is to be as accurate as possible. Nobody likes surprises on move day, jobs that go over estimates are never ideal. By giving us as much information as possible we can avoid this happening. Steel Valley Moving is here for you, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your move feel free to call in at 330-559-0360

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